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S1A Entuity Analytics

Your network is the heartbeat of your business, manage it with speed and accuracy

Network outage costs are estimated by some organisations at £5-6,000 a minute. An outage of just one hour could cost a business £300,000.  Outage costs add up quickly. Don’t let IT failures affect your bottom line.  Ensure your services, applications, and transactions are performing at their best.  Proactively manage your network with Entuity Network Analytics -  your business’ success and customers’ productivity rely on it.  Because the network connects your business to the world.

Entuity Network Analytics for today’s digital ecosystem

Entuity Network Analytics (ENA) is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, enterprise network analytics solution designed to help organisations to maximize network performance and service availability.

Rapidly changing networks require faster insight and faster problem resolution.

Entuity Network Analytics:

  • reduces alert noise so you can focus on what is important to you
  • fixes issues quickly and gets to the root cause using real-time analytics
  • allows for proactive management with predictive trends
  • supports a multi-cloud strategy.

ENA is easy to install, customize, operate and maintain, and lowers total cost of ownership to a fraction of other products.

Clarify the Chaos with Entuity Network Analytics. Faster Insight. Faster Networking.

Product Highlights

  • Enterprise scalability. Scales easily, federated architecture for seamless expansion.
  • Supports Multi-tenancy, including overlapping IP addresses for management from the same server
  • Provides industry’s best custom- dashboard builder to reflect how IT organisations manage their networks
  • Always-on business services require always-connected management. 100% mobile-enabled for management from laptops, smartphones, tablets
  • Integrates with 3rd party vendors --BMC, Dell, ServiceNow, Oracle, HP, IBM

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Entuity Network Analytics in 30 seconds:


A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription generated with very high confidence

Screen of load balancer device.  

Dashboards make understanding how devices are operating straightforward and practical for many audiences.

A screenshot of a social media postDescription generated with very high confidence

This NBAR dashboard will help simplify managing traffic by application which is critical in ensuring performance is at high levels.

A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription generated with very high confidence

Keeping tabs on Virtual Machines on this dashboard example will make your job easier.  Especially when you can manage via a smartphone, laptop or ipad with all the management capabilities as if you were in the data center.